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Wireless device for the treatment of hemorrhoids at all stages without incisions and open wounds. The new generation of equipment for ligation of hemorrhoidal arteries and proctoplasty combines all the advantages of these procedures with the world's first wireless technology for the treatment of hemorrhoids with controlled Doppler signal HAL - hemorrhoidal arterial ligation, RAR - recto-anal reconstruction.
FiXcision - is a disposable tool with a circular blade for the treatment of anal fistulas by excision of the fistula canal in order to obtain further granulation without classical incisions.
Comfort Drain – is a long-term nodular drainage for the treatment of intra-, trans- and suprasphincteric fistulas..

Soft Anal
Band System

Anal bandage system A.M.I. Soft Anal Band System Long-term implant with subcutaneous implantation for the treatment of fecal incontinence in adults.
SensiTVT and sensiTVT-A - loop implants for surgical treatment of female psychopathological enuresis of transbutor or transvaginal placement.
Atoms system - an implanted system for the treatment of internal sphincter insufficiency and urinary incontinence in men.
Titanium ports for long-term infusions, parenteral nutrition and administration of high-pressure contrast agents Infusion Port System. Presented by a range of sizes, shapes and installation methods. Biocompatible and inert. X-ray contrast. Withstands magnetic field voltages up to 3 Tesla.

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